Zhenyi Tan And a Dinosaur

How Much Should I Charge?

Pricing is a sensitive subject. Because people usually don’t like to give you their money. When it comes to software pricing, the general advice seems to be “charge more!” But… how much more?

The easiest way to set your price is to see what other people are charging. But unless you are them, you are not them. Do you have their economy of scale? Do you have their brand recognition? Seeing Apple selling wireless earbuds for $200 doesn’t mean you can sell yours for $200.

Another danger of comparing prices with similar products is it gets you into this price-per-feature mindset: “they have 10 features and charge $10. I have 5 features, so I should charge $5.”

So how much should I charge? I still don’t know. I’m just going to anyhow set the price to $3/month for now. If people buy, then the price is right.

Let’s see how it goes.