Zhenyi Tan And a Dinosaur

My Apps

Looking for something? These are my current apps for iOS and Mac:


Vinegar replaces the YouTube player with a minimal HTML <video> tag. It removes ads, prevents tracking, restores picture-in-picture, and keeps videos playing in the background.

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Search Filter

Search Filter lets you swipe-to-delete search results from domains you don’t like. Deleted search results will stay deleted in subsequent searches. It supports Google and DuckDuckGo.

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Web Inspector

Web Inspector is a full-fledged web development tool for iOS and iPadOS. You can view, inspect, edit, and search DOM elements. There’s a JavaScript console and a network inspector.

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ActiveTab makes it easier to spot the active tab in Safari by drawing a line below it. It tries to fix the problematic tab design introduced in Safari 15.

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AMP Shockwave

AMP Shockwave is a simple Safari extension that redirects AMPs to regular web pages. It’s only 50 lines of code.

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Time Capsule

Time Capsule lets you save web pages as .webarchive files and search their full-text content. There’s also a web service for syncing your saved pages.

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