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Launch: Baking Soda

Merry Christmas, Vinegar users!

Baking Soda is more basic than Vinegar.

Like Vinegar, Baking Soda is a Safari extension that replaces custom video players with an HTML <video> tag.

Unlike Vinegar, Baking Soda works on all custom video players other than YouTube. It doesn’t block ads or let you switch the video quality, so the changes are mostly cosmetic. Picture-in-picture should work, but I didn’t (and couldn’t) test it on all the websites.

If Baking Soda doesn’t work well on certain websites, you can easily disable it in the settings.


Baking Soda is available for $1.99 on the App Store, but if you’ve bought Vinegar, you can get it for $0.99 by completing the bundle.

Baking Soda has no in-app purchases, no ads, and no tracking. It’s a universal purchase, so you only have to buy it once to use it on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Baking Soda Privacy Policy

Baking Soda does not collect, store, or transmit any personal information.

Baking Soda Support

If you have any feature requests or bug reports, you can submit an issue to the Baking Soda issue tracker.

If you see the text “extension is not installed correctly” on your Mac, it’s a Safari bug. And you can do this to fix it.