Zhenyi Tan And a Dinosaur

On Writing Poorly

It’s a good thing that nobody read this site because I suck at writing. Suck, suck, suck. Suck monkey ass.

I always have a fear of writing. When I first read the book On Writing Well, I almost laughed out loud. The first chapters are about cutting clutter in your writing. “Simplify, simplify,” the author wrote. But for me? I have problems writing something more complex than “the cat meows” and “I like stuff.”

Or so I thought. It turns out that I don’t have such fear when texting? Is it because “texting” is less formal than “writing”? Anyway, from now on, I’m going to draft my posts by pretending that I’m writing text messages.

My messages often look like this, to my friends’ annoyance.

It’s a good thing that nobody read this site so that I can churn out crappy posts like this without being judged. And hopefully, my writing will get better someday.