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Search Filter Is Now Available on TestFlight

Introducing my latest app, Search Filter! Search Filter is a Safari extension that lets you delete search results from spammy domains.

It’s like a spam filter for search results.

Here’s how it works: Swipe to delete any search results you don’t like. Tap the extension button to see the deleted domains, and recover them if you want.

Once you delete a search result, Search Filter will delete other search results from the same domain, too. Deleted search results will stay deleted in subsequent searches.

I built Search Filter out of my frustration with StackOverflow scrapers, but that’s far from the only use case. You can use it to delete websites that publish clickbait, content farm listicles, or SEO’ed-to-the-death “content.”

Search Filter currently only works on Google, but I will consider adding support for other search engines.

I’m still not sure about the price. How much should I charge for this? $3.99? Free, but with a $0.50/month subscription for syncing your blocklist? Let me know!

Disclaimer: Search Filter is beta software, and it is buggier than your average app. Google’s HTML seems randomly generated these days, and there must be a lot of edge cases that I’ve overlooked.

If you see any bugs (usually in the form of “delete buttons appear where they shouldn’t be”), send me a screenshot and let me know:

  1. the search query
  2. the URL of the search page

If you would like to TestFlight Search Filter, send me an email or DM me your email on Twitter, and I will invite you to the beta.