I usually don’t update this website right after finishing a project, mostly because I’m lazy.

But it’s also because the client would say something like, “we’re still in stealth mode and we’d prefer if you don’t…”

But Wego is definitely not a startup in stealth mode anymore. So I’m posting the screenshots of the project here. And I want to thank their CTO for letting me do it.


Sent was a native Gmail app I wrote primarily for myself.

I shared it on reddit hoping it would be useful to others, then it got picked up by the press.

But then something bad happened. (Let’s just say the investment of my time and resources wasn’t worth it in the end.)

And in the face of competition from more brand-recognized apps like Sparrow and the official Gmail app, I decided to pull it from the App Store.

If you’re a programmer reading this, I’ve open sourced the IMAP and SMTP library I was using on GitHub, check them out.


I’ve been working on the revamp of SingaporeBrides for the most of 2011.

In case you never heard of it, SingaporeBrides is a website for Singapore brides—duh!

Other than redesigned their home page, I also created some new apps/sites range from the directory app

To their WordPress blog… (p.s.: don’t ask me to theme WordPress ever again)

To some simple apps for content management…

And they still have like 3 iOS apps and 2 web apps and 3 redesigns in their project queue.

2011 is going to be a very busy year for me.
(UPDATE: I was right.)

School Management System

A system my friends (Captain Jason, Mr. Cucumber, and Jeff) and I developed for a local school.

I was the designer and front-end developer. (See a pattern here?)

Although it may seem so, but we’re not using UI frameworks like Cappucino or SproutCore.

But too bad it turned into an 800-pound ERP system. To give you an idea of how complex the system is, running the whole cucumber test suite took about an hour in selenium mode.

I wanted it to be a web app with advanced capabilities and a user experience comparable to that of desktop applications, so I stole a lot of UI ideas from Mac OS X—the best desktop operating system in my opinion.

Oh, did I mention it has iPad-like user interface before iPad came out?

Mr. Tweet

I was the designer and front-end developer of Mr. Tweet, a startup that helps people to discover people relevant to their interests on Twitter.

They are doing something else now, since Twitter rolled out their own people recommendation service.

The owl was drawn by some other people.

Some temporary redesign we pushed out while we’re working on the Awesome Interface™.

With a new version of the recommendation engine we also revamped the user interface, and we immediately received a lot of positive feedback…

… about the UI. (Sorry back-end folks!)

Interesting note: from my experience their result is far more accurate than Twitter’s, despite being 3rd party and was out 1 year earlier.

The sad thing is I wasn’t using it a lot, I’m not a social person. *sigh*


In 2007 I emailed this guy who was looking for Ruby on Rails programmer, and it eventually became my first job.

I didn’t actually know what Rails really is, and I only browsed through this book the night before we first met.

My job was mostly to draw icons and debug JavaScript. I loved it and it means a lot to me, so SharedCopy will always have a place in my portfolio. :)

This was back in the days when the Tango Icon Style was the de facto standard for icon design. And this layout was very popular.